5 luxurious desert camps in Jaisalmer

Have you been to Jaisalmer yet? If not, you are missing a great experience in life. Why don’t you plan a Jaisalmer trip this winter to explore the wonderful desert of India? Here are some desert camps where you can stay while in Jaisalmer.

The Serai

The seria jaisalmer

The Serai is not only a luxurious desert camp but it is also a spa. Imagine having a relaxing body spa in the midst of the desert. Now that is what an experience should be which is worth cherishing all your life. If you want to inspire yourself and enjoy the best time of your life, you should simply make it a point to visit The Serai in Jaisalmer. If money is not a constraint for you, stay at The Serai overnight and enjoy the luxurious life like the royals. Go for a desert safari in the mornings on a camel back or on a jeep and enjoy the starlit evenings with some folk songs performed by the Manganiyar tribesmen.

Rajputana Desert Camp

Rajputana Desert Camp Jaisalmer

If you are looking for a comfortable night out in the middle of the desert, you should head straight to the Rajputana desert camps in Jaisalmer. Enjoy royal attention by the serving faculty while you spend the night at one of the thirty luxurious tents in the camp that also include a huge dining hall that is common to all the tents in the premises. There is also a dedicated desert safari team that will take you on a ride through the desert. By far Rajputana Desert Camp is a highly rated comfortable resort at Jaisalmer desert.

Royal Desert Camp

The royal desert camp has been operational since the last ten years. The premise has swiss tents that can provide you with traditional and conventional Indian royal environment. You can avail all the facilities in the camp like the world class amenities and also superb medical facilities all inside the premises of the desert camp. If you enjoy a tranquil holiday where your inner soul meets your real self in the solitude of the desert, Rajputana camp is where you should be.

Winds Desert Camp

The Winds desert camps in Jaisalmer Sam sand dunes offer 20 tents that are available with ac and non ac facilities. Each of the campsites are designed and customized with the latest and the most modern amenities that you might need in a desert. Enjoy your stay at one of the most stylish tents with modern looks that comes with conventional furniture and interiors. When you stay put at the Winds camp, you can opt for a car safari through the desert, or you can also choose to ride on the camel back. Once the day gets over after the sunset, you can enjoy the traditional Rajasthani Kalbelia dance and music in the evening.

Oasis Desert Camp

Oasis desert camp is one of the luxurious campsites in Jaisalmer. Enjoy the charms of the Great Indian Desert while enjoying the luxuries of the oasis camp. You can enjoy the adventure of the silk route of the desert and also relax in the most traditional Indian hospitality. Enjoy sumptuous Rajasthani food while you go for the awesome camel safari. Spend a relaxing evening next to the bonfire while conventional kalbelia music keeps you company.

Guide on planning a trip to New Delhi with Friends

Until one actually visits Delhi for a vacation and/or sightseeing trip, one will never fully appreciate why Delhi is the capital city of the country. It’s an absolutely marvelous city and the sights and accommodations will ensure that you and your friends will never have a single dull moment throughout the course of your trip.

Delightful Accommodations in New Delhi

Accommodations in New Delhi
Accommodations in New Delhi

Tourism is taken pretty seriously in India’s capital, so it’s no surprise that there are some lovely hotels and homestays to pick from. A straight in check up once you land in the city is possible, of course. But it would be infinitely wiser to book a hotel and rooms in advance before you decide to hop on a flight and land there. It isn’t a joke to say that New Delhi is thriving and buzzing with life and that plenty of people from all over the world come here on vacations and trips. So you could save yourself a lot of trouble by just booking your hotels in advance.

On that note, let’s skip to some awesome hotels you can stay in to make your trip complete!

Radisson Blu Marina Connaught Place is a gorgeous place to stay, with saunas, Jacuzzis and a wonderful ambience making up the whole package. It’s a great place to unwind and relax once you return to your rooms after a day out in the city.

Also check out one of the best Hotel in South Delhi (Hotel GTC) which is yet another, fabulously luxurious hotel you and your friends would have a grand time staying in during your trip to New Delhi. The amenities are lovely, as is the ambience, rooms, and service. You can also be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money here! Plus the location of this nice Hotel is in Greater Kailash which makes it a nice option for couples looking for nice hotel to stay for short stays.

Cabs are New Delhi’s Magic Carpets

Delhi Cabs
Delhi Cabs

New Delhi is a big place with a lot of people and a lot to see. So your best mode of transport here is without doubt a cab. There are many cabs available for hire in Delhi (like Ola Cabs, for example) that you can even book online. You can easily hire all-day cabs as well to ensure you have a ride ready at any stop you want to make and at any time!

There are a few places in Delhi that you must see:

  • The India Gate is a memorial for the brave soldiers who perished in the Afghan Wars and World War I, their names inscribed into the stone for an eternity of remembrance.
  • Chandini Chowk is an “old Delhi” market place that was established by Shah Jahan; a real blast from the past.
  • The Qutab Minar is a soaring red sandstone tower that is a testament to old architecture. The intricate carvings and layout of the Qutab Minar is one worthy of admiration and awe.
  • The Lotus Temple was built to resemble a white lotus and is an absolutely beautiful work of architecture. Even if you don’t go inside, simply seeing it will be enough to brand the experience in your memory forever.
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan is another example of the old world architecture that inspires admiration even today. The style of architecture is a mixture of Mughal-Indian and European designs, and is a majestically regal structure that stands firm even today.

In all seriousness, you would practically be committing a crime if you left before seeing these places at least once!

Markets and Malls in New Delhi for the Shopaholic

Delhi Malls
Delhi Malls

Chandini Chowk, is an old style Delhi market that you can enjoy shopping in just as if you’d gone back in time. There are bunch of marketplaces here and the one of the most popular markets is the M-Block Market in Greater Kailash I, the Connaught Place Market which will give you the best street shopping experience. Another market that you can browse around all day for bargain-worthy treasures is the Khan Market.

If you are looking forward to hang around in a malls, Select City Wald or DLF Prominade in Saket will be your ideal choice. The sprawling mall has so many labels to choose from that you can go crazy shopping for all the things you love. Even window shopping or admiring the fabulous interiors gives a different feel altogether. A range of connected restaurants at the mall will cure any hunger cravings you may have while you shop. The DLF Promenade Mall is said to be the fashion destination for shoppers and is yet another great shopping experience for visitors in Saket, New Delhi.

In short, New Delhi is just the right place to have a blast with your friends!

Amazing destinations to plan a holiday in Asia by Betty

Everybody is an expert when someone asks them:-

Hey where should I plan my next vacation…?

Well I am not saying that the questioner or the person replying are fools. I am just saying that everyone loves to be an expert story teller, including me.

So today even I am suggesting some amazing destinations in Asia where I have personally stayed for couple of days and I hope you will plan the same. So lets get started…

Jaisalmer, India

jaisalmer India
jaisalmer India

Known as the Golden City for its deserts and world heritage sites, the city of Jaisalmer has a unique way of taking guests for an excursion. Guests get to enjoy the environs of the Desert National Park with rough rugged terrains for Camel Safari Tour; observe desert animals like chinkaras and foxes on the dunes; and do a Dune Bashing with several adventurers or a slow but wonderful Camel ride that’s probably a once in a lifetime experience for some.

A very good place to stay in Jaisalmer is at the Hotel Pleasant Haveli. A top traveler choice and has a very classic and royal building that will leave guests in awe along with its services. If on a tight budget, then Gorbandh Palace is the best place to stay at with amenities and interiors that are heavenly, even India’s Kings would love to stay at one of its hotel room accommodations.



Singapore City has some of the finest city landscapes in the world plus scenic views and beautiful lush greeneries. A very advanced city in terms of technology, people from all over the world are fascinated of how this tiny place have evolved over the years from a small fishing town to a grandeur Asian tiger. Never miss the Singapore Flyer, the Marina Bay Sands and its surroundings because of its design and infrastructure that has amazed people from four corners of the globe. Singapore zoo and the infamous Merlion in Sentosa are must visit spots too.

There are good places to stay at Singapore that are not that expensive as anyone thinks like The Forest by Wangz and AMOY by Far East Hospitality. These two hotels have remarkable customer service that will leave anyone happy while staying in Singapore.

Pink City Jaipur


Jaipur, also referred as Pink city is rated as top five popular tourist city in India. The best thing about this city is its uniqueness. When I say uniqueness I mean its cuisine, customs, culture and before I run out of words starting from C I must say courtesy of the locals.

The city has many forts and palaces which are massive. Some popular ones are Amber and Jaigarh fort which were like warrior forts where the kings of Jaipur use to keep their armies. Then we have the City palace which is in the center of the city and has been the resident of Jaipur king since 17th century and even today you can meet the king of Jaipur who is in high school :)

Jaipur is also famous for its hotels and resorts as the city is full of some amazing luxury hotels like Ram Bagh and Raj Palace which were once the royal residence of Jaipur royalty and if you are light in budget the prefer some 3 star hotels in Jaipur around 100$.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has left a dent on the list of world travel as one of the best beach destinations on the planet as visitors keep coming back to this Southeast Asian city over and over again. But there are other things worth doing in Bangkok than island hopping and sun drenching, one which is experiencing its cuisine. Thai have probably the healthiest cuisine on the planet. Some Buddhist temples are a noteworthy list for itineraries as well like the Temple of Dawn, the Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw.

Cheap accommodations are also available for thrifty travelers. The Okura Prestige Bangkok and Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit are two mid range hotels that are right on the budget that offers special packages for present and future guests.

Macau, China

Macau, China
Macau, China

Macau is one of two Special Administrative Regions of China. The finest attraction one could see in Macau is the Historic Center of Macau which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Walk around the place and enjoy taking pictures at the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, a very famous landmark of the city that needs to be visited when in Macau.

Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia, and it is but fitting to stay at very good luxury hotels such as the Venetian Macau and Conrad Macao Cotai Central to experience what it’s like to be high rollers. Staying at one of these hotels will leave a very good lasting impression to anyone.

Looking for hotels in Delhi for army officers? Then check out this post

In India we have various languages, various culture and various cuisine. But there are always some things which create a connection between these uniqueness individuals.

One string which attaches this uniqueness is Indian Military. Youths from all over the nation s=leave there home and stay attentive on Indian borders and even in peace units of UN in different part of the world.

Now I Abijit from Pitrashish Premium which rated as some of the finest hotels in karol bagh below 2000 and one of the popular budget hotels in Delhi for wedding presents a blog to assist all the Millitary people looking for fine accommodation in Delhi.

I have segmented some hotels in budget and luxury segment and I hope you will find this list helpful.

Hotel Pitrashish Premium, Karol bagh

Segment – Budget

Hotel Pitrashish Premium
Hotel Pitrashish Premium

A very simple laid back type of hotel that is more to feel like a good luxury cum budget is Pitrashish Hotel in karol bagh under 2000. Pitrashish Premium is a place where the military men can always feel comfortable staying at for a night or two.

The front desk staffs are very warm and friendly and are definitely a big help once you ask them for something. A good hotel that is big in making room service and accommodation feel like you are in a five star hotel. Rooms are very humble with no other means of exploding mind with too many quaint accessories.

Plus if one is looking for a small celebration movement and dosen’t want to spend too much then again, then Pitrashish is a budget hotel in delhi for wedding.

Places to visit near Hotel Pitrashish Premium are the Cannought Place market and Gaffar market. If you are into shopping then karol bagh markets are the best location for you.

Taj Hotel Delhi

Segment – Luxury

Taj Hotel Delhi
Taj Hotel Delhi

Taj hotel is hailed as being one of the best hotels in the city of Delhi with its modern yet sophisticated interior design. With good staff service and excellent amenities, guests can rely on the fact that they can relax in the Taj Hotel for a few days.

Add up the sumptuous dinner choices inside the hotel from a variety of international cuisines. Outdoor swimming pool is a great way to have fun with the family, especially the ones with kids. Army men might consider the fact that the staffs are welcoming to everyone who wants to stay at Taj Hotel.

The Swami Malai Temple, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the Rashtrapati Bhawan are some of the few landmarks that are in close proximity with the Taj Hotel.

Army Officer’s Bnb Homestay Delhi

Segment – Budget

Army Officers Homestay
Army Officers Homestay

A bed and breakfast Home stay, Army officer’s Bnb Homestay is approved by the government for army’s to stay at that is managed by a defense officer.

It is an eco friendly establishment that is tranquil and very safe at the South part of Delhi. The owner of the place fondly called Col. Surinder Singh is very accommodating to guests and the place is just as inviting as it’s owner.

It’s almost like staying home away from home which is the direct branding of the guest house.

The location of the homestay is very near green park metro station, and is close to establishments such as the Nehru place and the M Block Market, as well as the Deer Park in Hauz Khas village. Continue reading “Looking for hotels in Delhi for army officers? Then check out this post”

Want to know more about cycling in Delhi

Most travelers who visit Delhi loves to do some exercise in morning but I can’t say that for our domestic travelers. Hi all, I am Tribhuvan, marketing manager for many hotels near Delhi airport with free shuttle and hotels near udyog vihar gurgaon. Today I want to share a post for all those travelers who want to know more about Cycling in New Delhi. Hope you will enjoy this post.

Single or group of cyclists wearing vests, pants, helmets and biking gear moving fast on their bicycles may be a common sight abroad in cities like New York or Paris but Delhi is slowly catching up with people hopping on to their bicycles and enjoying the ride. Cycle is fondly mimicked ‘gym on wheels’ and the increased interest in fitness activities has led to several cycling groups fast mushrooming across the capital clearly indicating the growing popularity of this sport activity.

Cycling Groups in Delhi

Cycling Clubs
Cycling Clubs

A few years back there was only one cycling club in Delhi, the Delhi cycling club. What began as a group of friends cycling together for fun during weekends has now transformed into a big club with the membership growing rapidly. Some of the famous cycling clubs include Delhi cyclists, South West Riders, Delhi cycling club, Delhi cyclists, Cycle Sutra and Gurgaon fun riders. The membership count of Gurgaon fun riders in 3000 and that of Delhi cyclists near 5000 including people from all disciplines such as medical, engineering, lawyers, businessmen, homemakers and students.

Cycling events in Delhi

Cycling events
Cycling events

Tour de Delhi ring road ride is an important event conducted by the Delhi cyclists. A good paced ride covering most parts of Delhi, any cycler is allowed to join with a hundred percent road cycling covering a distance of sixty kilometers irrespective of the weather conditions. This year the event is expected to be conducted on the first of June though official intimation hasn’t been released yet. Another important Delhi event includes Run to Feed – Delhi. Off-road events of cycling outside the city are also conducted. Dare to change and cyclathon are some of very popular events that are conducted in the city. Continue reading “Want to know more about cycling in Delhi”

Would you like to Enjoy a Holiday in Italy…

If you have never before thought about a holiday to Italy then 2012 could be the time to do so. The popularity of this great country among tourists has never been higher and there are some good reasons for this.

Just about anyone can relish holidays in Italy and to prove it here are some of the types of people who can get a lot out of this sort of trip. Continue reading “Would you like to Enjoy a Holiday in Italy…”

Sangameswara Temple Pleasures and Pilgrimages

The Sangameswara temple is a very ancient temple that has the presiding deity as Lord Siva and is located at the junction of the two rivers River Bhavanasi and the River Krishna. It is situated in the district of Kurnool and is near Muchumarri. The entire temple is a great place and has a place in the Skandapurana.

When the Pandavas were in exile they wanted to pray to Lord Shiva and it was Bhima out of the Pandavas who was asked to bring a Siva Linga. When Bhima could not reach the penance place with the required Shiv Ling at the time specified it was Dharmaraja who got a Linga made out of a log of Neem installed. Continue reading “Sangameswara Temple Pleasures and Pilgrimages”